RV Roof Repair Service

RV Roof Repair Service: Step-by-Step Guide

rv roof repair service

Day 2 in the process, sealing seams. Fabric is laid into the acrylic over seams. Another layer of acrylic is applied over this. (See all steps below).

RV Roof Repair Service at Gold Star RV Services is carefully and professionally navigated. Therefore, we can assure you that you’ll love the end results! Comment below if you have any questions. Premium quality is what we strive for and no less!

How Long will it Take?

An RV roof generally will take two or three days to apply. However, there are some conditions that may effect our ability to install a roof, which are most of all weather related.

  • First Day: Wash Day
  • Second Day: Prep Day
  • Third Day: Roof Day

Weather-Related Conditions 

The roof must be absolutely dry before the RV roof repair service may begin. This means that after several days of rain, particularly at marginal temperatures, we may not start a roof until the second day of sun.

A prediction of late day rain or thundershowers will prevent work on a roof. Unfortunately, this delay causes inadequate time for the roof to cure (mend). In order to prevent the acrylic from thinning, the roof needs to cure, which increases the quality of a roof.

The Right Temperature

The coolest temperature that roofs can be applied is 55 degrees. However, at this temperature, the roof will take longer to cure. At least 3 hours of rain-free weather is necessary. Therefore, the warmer temperature, the better.

Cleaning a Roof

rv roof repair service

First Day of the process, a thorough washing prepares the roof to be prepped for repair.

Your current roof must be very clean before we start to prep. So, we use a special solution to clean the roof. A roof is often washed when the weather is questionable in order for us to take advantage of a shorter job period during favorable weather.

Furthermore, the end result of all these conditions is that we ask for your patience. We have a high quality roofing product that will give many years of trouble-free service, but only if it is applied correctly. Our roof schedule changes almost daily. Check the schedule here to see when work on your trailer will begin.

RV Roof Repair Service Before, During and After

rv roof repair service

PHOTO 1 A roof before work has begun.


rv roof repair service

PHOTO 2 A vent with badly deteriorated sealants and moss.


rv roof repair service

PHOTO 3 The first step is a thorough washing.


rv roof repair service

PHOTO 4 A layer of acrylic is applied to the taped seams.


rv roof repair service

PHOTO 5 Fabric is laid into the acrylic over all seams. Another layer of acrylic is applied over this.


rv roof repair service

 PHOTO 6 Here is a roof with all seams eliminated that is ready for a first coat of acrylic.


rv roof repair service

PHOTO 7 A first coat of acrylic is applied to the entire roof.


rv roof repair service

 PHOTO 8  The roof is re-taped around all sides after it has cured. Another coat of acrylic is hand-applied to all seams. Then, all vent covers are reinstalled and another application of acrylic is applied to the entire roof. This is the same roof as Photo 1. (Before and After)

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