RV Roof Repair Process

rv roof repair process

Repairing seams over back cap.


Gold Star RV Services RV Roof Repair Process is handled by trained workers and carpenters for all repairs and replacement. The installation of a new roof takes 2-3 days to finish once all repairs are completed.

  • First Day: Wash Day
  • Second Day: Prep Day
  • Third Day: Roof Day


RV Roof Repair process at Gold Star RV Services is a step-by-step system in place where trained professionals work accordingly to fix and reconstruct your RV roof to its former glory. We have certain guidelines and rules that we stand by in order to reach our highest customer satisfaction. We rest only when your needs are met! Here are the high standards we reflect on to demonstrate respect for our clients.

  • We will be satisfied ONLY when our roof repairs are better than the original roof.
  • All 1 x 2 supports with a 2 x 6 are replaced with the arch cut out.
  • ½ inch plywood is used instead of particle board.
  • The skimpy layer of fiberglass insulation is replaced with reflexite insulation so there are no gaps.
  • The plywood is screwed down with deck tech screws.
  • All seams are taped with a roofing tape before beginning the new roof installation.
  • The end result is far superior to a factory roof.

Upkeep is important for the safety of all involved! Therefore, it is a great idea to get your roof inspected at least twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.

For more questions about the RV Roof Repair Process, please contact us today. We would be more than happy to assist you!

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