ratesThe Best Rates Around!

Our Rates are great! What our customers pay for roof work is essential. Affordability and high quality service is important to us. Therefore, the rates are set to please clients.

$70 per linear foot is the permanent rate we charge. A full price is given for all additional repairs. If we over estimate, you will be charged less. If we underestimate, you will not be charged higher than our original price.

This rate is far below the industry average.

“I can charge such a low fee because I am retired and don’t do roofs to make a living, but do them to have something to do. Also, I get much satisfaction from transforming an old, leaking, dirty roof into a high quality, durable roof that will extend the life of your RV for many years. I have low overhead and am happy to pass these savings to my customers.”

 Referral Code

 Upon completion of any new roof, each customer will receive a personal referral code. Anyone using your code will receive  $100 off the cost of a new roof and you will receive a $100 check for any roof booked with your code. However, this cannot be used in combination with other discounts we may offer.

If you have booked a roof and want to know when it will be completed, please click here.

Note: This can change daily as weather is responsible for most changes.

Although our rates are among the lowest anywhere, our workmanship is top notch!

Every feedback or comment enhances our website. Thank you for your stories!

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